The art of aerosolgrafia

Gerardo Amor, Spray Paint Art Originator

The history of spray paint art begain officially around 1982 with Ruben Sadot Hernandez in the City of Mexico.  He would paint in the street with a turban on and stick his tongue out and improvise with the cans on paper, seated on the floor, that's the way the ritual began.
In 1984 Sadot shared his ideas with others including Ricardo Huet and Rafael Martinez (el plantillas) , Gerardo Amor, Hugo Montero, Augustin planetas, Cecilia Banos etc.
Time passed and by 1986, more had joined the movement  .    In 1988 the technique had matured and AMPA was born.  Association Mexicana de Pintura en Aire.  Aerosolgrafia was a part of this school which included other tools such as airbrush.
AMPA was inaugerated in an Exposition in an important art gallery  in Mexico City, the  'Ghandi'.  They had the support of the master Jose Luis Cuevas, well known internationally and several art critics including Raquel Tibol etc.
In 1989, Ruben Sadot died and some of those painters migrated to Puerto Vallarta and formed the Mexian school of aeropintura, the realization of AMPA, there.  This school has planned to organize it's members and founders some collective expositions where people can become acquainted with the new advances in expression in this technique which opens worlds to us. In Puerto Vallarta, others learned, including Ruben (Melody) Herrera, Veronica Muniz, y Alisa Amor.  These contributed much to the technique.  Many people also learned only to imitate and not contribute.  Then from these people, other students are beginning to learn and contribute.
Here we must make a distinction important to us who love aerosolgrafia, between those spray painters who originate ideas and paint with their abilities, and those who only copy and don't contribute anything, have less quality because of their lack of real commitment to this medium, and give the rest of us a bad reputation as non artists.
Aerosolgrafia has traditionally been a street art because of it's magical spiritual quality reminds us of freedom and other worlds, but because of this  willingness to share art with the public in the street, and the ubiquity of imitators who care more about fast money than love of art, some people think that the art of aerosolgrafia is not as 'serious' as say oil painting for example.   The ideological terms of the people who have been since the beginning and others that continue and contribute to this essence , are essentially love of art and expression and of freedom.
Some things are possible!