The art of aerosolgrafia

Do you want to learn spray paint art from Gerardo Amor?

Learn from Gerardo online:

Learn Gerardo's techniques with an airbrush:

Gerardo Amor gives classes to interested students of spray paint art.

This is a unique and creative activity for children and adults of ages 9 and up.

Gerardo will come to your hotel or other location, or you can visit Gerardo in beautiful Las Juntas y los Veranos

In one day you can learn the basics of creating planets and space scenes from one of the masters.  A one day class lasts 3 hours and comes with the opportunity to paint one painting on the Malecon of Puerto Vallarta in the night!
The student is instructed in the basics (usually making planets and sky unless otherwise requested) , then given some time to practice and ask questions. After a break for a snack, further instruction is given and there is time for final questions and answers .
Later in the night, the student joins Gerardo on the Malecon and with his guidance, paints whatever s/he desires with the spray cans.

One day classes cost $80 or the equivalent in pesos.

If the student desires to contine and take several more classes to learn more advanced techniques of spray paint, a discount can be arranged.

We recommend at least a week of classes for anyone serious about learning this art.

If interested, please contact Gerardo at